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Gum is something that can be found everywhere. In multiple flavors, shapes and colors there is a pack in your car, in your desk, in your pocket, in your purse for after dinner chewing, pre-kissing breathe treatment, anti-smoking aid and so on, but unfortunately after it leaves the only place it should be, your mouth, it doesn't always get disposed of properly and can end up in some tricky places.

Let's say you are out for a jog here in Charlotte, and as you pass the cute couple sitting and talking on the bench you remember your first date with your wife. Those were good times, the excitement, the first kiss, and now it's repeating itself with couples all over the world. You keep jogging, turn, and prepare to work your way back home. As you pass the couple you see they've progressed from sitting close and speaking to kissing and you smile as you go by, reminiscing again, but not noticing the two pieces of discarded gum you are running over and taking home with you.

As you make your way through the front door towards the bathroom to take a quick shower you hear a loud shriek that oddly resembles your name. Quickly you run out to the living room wrapped in a towel to find your wife aghast and standing over a large glob of something in your carpeting. Gum! A huge piece of gum filled with dirt and other particles from outside made its way in on the bottom of your shoe that your wife is now exhibiting to you.

Fret not, you tell your wife, because when you were in need of a residential carpet cleaning company you took the time to research some of the websites for a Charlotte carpet cleaning service and found some helpful tips via articles that were posted there.

While she feigns belief, hoping that you can truly fix this mess you tighten the towel and promptly get to work.

First you take a hair dryer and set it on high, you turn it on, aiming about six inches from where the gum is for about a minute to a minute and a half, because you read that if you get to close to the fibers of the carpeting you can melt them with that kind of heat. And you're correct because some carpeting's fibers are much too sensitive for temperatures that get that high. You ask your wife to grab you a plastic bag, like a sandwich bag and when she returns you start to pick out the melted pieces of the gum with it so it does not stick to your fingers. You also knew that as the gum cools you should repeat all of the steps again from heating to plastic bag grabbing.

Now since you are a runner and you get sore muscles you have a heating muscle cream, like Ben Gay, and this is the last item you need because the heat and the muscle rub work to break down the bond between the gum and the carpeting.

You remember that you should heat the area again, picking at any leftovers and then use a new part of the plastic bag blotting at the rest of it. You also know to take a small amount of liquid soap, one teaspoon and mix that with warm water, and blot at that for cleaning.

After it's dry you vacuum, show your wife and voila! You are a one man Charlotte carpet cleaning service and it's done.

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